• Up to 10% of the energy used by a household comes from appliances on standby.

  • Il-bozoz inkandexxenti jaħlu 90% tal-enerġija li jikkunsmaw bħala sħana.

  • Did you know that ink-jet printers consume 90% less energy than laser printers?

  • Keep windows and doors closed when heating or cooling systems are switched on to avoid losses.

  • Save energy by turning off lights when you are the last one to leave a room.


Be inspired to make your school energy-efficient!

The U4energy website offers resources to help teachers, students and school management introduce energy efficiency in the classroom and replicate proven success stories!

Find below a range of ideas and sources of inspiration on how your school too can become an energy champion:

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European U4energy winners

Award Ceremony 2012Nearly 200 school representatives from across Europe were honoured during a high-profile European Award Ceremony. The Ceremony took place at the Belgian Comic Strip Museum, a landmark building in the heart of Brussels, in front of an audience of high-level European, national and regional government representatives, senior figures from the industry and non-profit sectors, and the media.




Now it's your turn…

Now it's your turn…

After two exciting years, the U4energy competition has now come to an end. A big thank you to all participating schools and their teachers and students for making it a great success! Read more...